Back again… :O)

Ok, so our first return in 2009 coincided with the start of Area 51 Education, a specialist provision for young adults with learning disabilities.  I think our optimism in being able to keep blogging was a little too high and the last four years have been a very interesting but very busy journey which we will try to fill you all in on over the next few posts.

But… the highlights!  In 2012, Area 51 Education was confirmed as an Independent Specialist College – our original aspiration – and in March 2014, the College part of our provision changed its’ name to the John Dewey Independent Specialist College.  It is now one of three separate services that we run here at Area 51!

We have 50 young people on roll, doing different things either as students, or as trainees in one of our two training companies.  Plus we do some day activity provision for those young people for whom work isn’t realistic at the moment.    Here are some pictures of our college as it looks at the moment, and please do come back to find out more about us.  We will be returning to posting useful links, lesson ideas and other stuff in the next few weeks.


In the meantime, our first recommendation is to check out fellow blogger, Matthew Griffiths at Disability Reality


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